Short Paragraph on Public Parks

By | September 27, 2015


  • Parks not a luxury but a necessity in a city.
  • Democratic influence of a park.
  • A boon to the poor, workers and children.
  • As botanical museums.
  • It is a public service and municipal duty.

In a village, which is like a big beautiful park itself the need for a public park does not arise. The need for a public park is thus a need of the city. The poor and the needy are drawn to the city in the hope of employment. Those who have something to sell or buy are also drawu to the city. There are mills, and factories the smoking chimneys of which make the atmosphere cloudy, gloomy and impure. People live in blocks or rooms closely packed like sheep and goats in.. the compartment of a goods train. On the high-roads are shrieking motor-cars, lorries and vehicles. The air is thick with smoke and dirt.

There should be a spot which is open on all sides, which is cool and quiet, where few noises are heard, where no chimney smokes, which is beatyfied with a velvety lawn, green trees and fresh flowers. This green spot is the park for the public, meant for all without distinction. The rich and the poor alike have free access to it. The master and the servant, the rich and the poor mix freely on the same ground and thus the distance between class and class is lessened. A public park is a school of democracy, wherin everyone learns the elementary lessons of equality and brotherhood.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Parks are also useful for providing a playground to children. Any evening one may walk round any public park and see children running, walking, jumping, climbing, and playing all sorts of pranks with one another. In parks children mix with children, enjoy themselves and improve their health. From the dull atmosphere of the office, or of the house, the public park gives the officer and servant a cool and a quiet corner. The old find the parks very helpful in spending their evenings.

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Some parts may also serve as botanical museum all kinds of trees and flowers. But the chief use of a park is peace and natural beauty. To a hot and well fertile country like Pakistan in the necessity for such public parks is even going later than it is tú other countries. Public parks afford a cool relief from Pakistan’s hot, oppressive climate and all provide free en space for the poor from their darks room.

But to the poor, the public parks are heaven on earth. The poor worker is seen resting his tired limbs, the poor clerk having worked as a drudge in the office for the whole day, is seen strolling with his wife and children. To the poor and middle class people, public parks are a blessing. Therefore it should be the duty of every Government and Municipality or Corporation to provide the public with as many parks as possible. In doing so they would do real service to the public.

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