Who Is More Useful to a Country a Soldier or a Framer? Paragraph

By | August 11, 2015


  • Present condition.
  • In favour of a famer.
  • In favour of a soldier.
  • Farmer v/s soldier.
  • Final test.
  • Conclusion.

Comparisons are odious and it is difficult to decide which of the two compared things or persons is better. In the present days of the scarcity of food, we would like to prefer a farmer to a soldier. But we should not be carried away by present circumstances.

A farmer is considered the father of the world. He ploughs the field, sows seeds, reaps corn and offers it to the world. The whole world subsists on food produced by the farmer. People of a country cannot exist without food and they cannot get food unless farmers produce it. Hence a farmer is the very life and soul of a country. A soldier is also very useful to a country in his own way. He protects a country from invasions of enemies. He also checks internal unrest and maintains peace throughout the country. He is the guardian of our liberty and the sentry of peace. How can a country do without him?[the_ad id=”17141″]

Many arguments are advanced for and against these rivals. Some say that a farmer produces something, while a soldier produces nothing. A farmer is useful to a country for all items, while a soldier is useful to a country in war or in days of internal unrest. A farmer works for the most part of the year, while a soldier is idle for the most part of the year.

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As against this a soldier sheds his blood and sacrifices his Very life for his country, while a farmer has not to do so. A soldier guards your freedom and protects everything that you possess, while a farmer does not help you much in this sphere. What is the use of granaries full of grains when your very life is in danger? Now let us come to the final test. The choice between a soldier and a farmer means a choice between liberty and life. People would rather die for liberty than live in slavery. Here also some persons will argue that liberty, if lost, can be regained, while life lost through starvation cannot be regained. Hence we can do without a soldier, but cannot do without a farmer. As against this some will argue that a hundred years of slavery is not equal to one day of liberty. Hence a soldier is preferable to a farmer.

Thus we have considered the relative importance of a farmer and soldiers. However if a vote is taken, the majority of the people will vote for a farmer. To me both of them are nearly equal. But I shall put. a farmer a little bit higher than a soldier.

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