Short Paragraph on The Aeroplane

By | August 27, 2015

The Aeroplane is quite a recent invention. It was perfected only in the Great War. It marks the conquest of air by man, and is extremely useful. The balloons rose in the air. and could carry messages, but the difficulty was felt in steering their course through the air. This difficulty has been removed in the airplane which we can take in any direction we like. Even now sometimes the engine fails, and the inevitable crash which follows is terrible.

The scientists have long been trying to invent the machine lighter than air, which may have its own energy to propel it, and may not depend upon air for support.

The results, which have so far been achieved, and which are likely to be achieved in the future as these machines are more and more perfected and more commonly used, are marvelous. There are unlimited possibilities. Transport and communication would be revolutionized, and war would become more terrible: Instead of being fought on land, it would be fought in the air.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the Great War, these airplanes were used with great effect, but the great drawback is that the advantages which it offers are sometimes missed for destroying innocent people, women, children and the civil population. who), by the laws of civilized warfare, ought to be spared. Races would he run in the air. Aerial service between England and India has been established. It now takes six days for the mail from London to reach Karachi. It would shorten the distance between the two countries and will bring the two peoples closer together. In the air, the airplane looks like a kite with outstretched wings. Oh, how it rattles through the air! it is difficult to say what the feelings and experiences of those men are, who risk their lives in flying through the air, but they certainly enjoy the flight. Villages and plains, rivers and fields lie spread before them as in a map. How rapidly they flit across or rather over such a varied landscape! To them, men appear like little pigmies. The sensation of such a sight must be novel, indeed. It must be actually felt to be understood. It cannot be described in words. Wonderful indeed are the achievements of science!

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