Short Paragraph on Radio – 691 Words

By | August 19, 2015


  • One of the wonders of modern science.
  • It is a means of recreation.
  • As a means of education and information.
  • A weapon of propaganda in war.
  • National policy of making radio popular.

Radia has, nowadays, become a house-hold thing in every town and city. It is the most familiar sight and yet is one of the greatest wonders of modern times. Modern science has invented many valuable things, but there is nothing which has contributed so much to our joy of life as the radio. If men of the last century could rise from their grave, It is certain, they would be speechless on seeing the radio.

Of the many blessings and benefits of the radio, its value as a means of entertainment and recreation is very great. The cinema, the stage and the club are the recognized places for recreation, but they become stale and dull after a time. A radio is such a means of entertainment that it never makes us feel dull, for, we have the whole world at our finger’s end. If we want vocal music, instrumental music light or classical music, drama or talk, news or news commentary — we can have them by merely switching on the radio. If we are not pleased with the local programmes, we can switch on to foreign stations and within the twinkling, on an eye we are over to London, New York, Ankara, Cairo, or Moscow. If we go to see a picture, once we are in the theater, there are only two courses open to us. Either we see the picture or we walk out. We cannot get the picture changed. Radio, then, has these advantages of variety and freshness over other means of recreation. Its variety is so much that there is bound to be something somewhere which would entertain us, to help us pass our leisure time or to refresh us after a day’s hard work.[the_ad id=”17141″]

No less the its entertainment value is the value of the radio as a means of instruction or education. Its educative value greater, because it combines with it an element of entertainment. There is no agent more powerful for the education of the masses and the rural population than the radio. Recognizing its great educative value, the Pakistan Radio has arranged rural programmes and installed public radio-sets in villages. Special broadcasts for schools and colleges are also arranged Radio listeners get much to know from many talks and lectures on various subjects and topics literary, scientific, political, philosophical, etc radiated from the radio station.

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In times of war, the radio is a powerful weapon of propaganda. Like all good things, the radio can be used and abused. Nowadays, one nation competes with another increasing its propaganda, through the radio feeling test its case should remain unheard. There is no objection to the use of the radio as a means of propaganda, but in the best interest of the public and the party concerned, there should be no poison of misguiding statements in it. So long as it is used as a medium of broadcasting impartial truth or news, it does a real public service.

The radio being such means of entertainment and education it is desirable that it should be still more popularized. Our villages and small towns are almost untouched by it, because its price is high. A average man cannot afford to buy a radio-set which would take away his three months’ salary. I Pakistan manufactures her own radio-sets, they would be considerably cheap. At present, Pakistan is a dumping ground of all sorts of foreign radios. It should be the national policy of Pakistan to see that no house is without a raido-set In England, the government encourages the public to buy radio-sets by fixing a minimum price for it. If radios are manufactured in Pakistan not only there would be more entertainment and education, but also a new industry started in Pakistan.

The radio would be a powerful weapon of social reforms, political awakening and above all, of fighting the ignorance of the vast masses of Pakistan in town and villages.

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