Short Paragraph on Our School (300 Words)

By | August 15, 2015

The Kamran Public School is situated outside the city. There are extensive fields all round it, and it is open on all sides. The rooms are large and airy. There is a hall in the centre, where meetings are held. and lectures are delivered. The Drawing and the Science class-rooms are very well furnished, and all the class-rooms are provided with desks. In each room, there is a raised platform where the teacher’s chair and table are placed. From this height, he is well able to supervise the class. There is a small garden in front, which is looked after by the boys themselves. The instructional state of the School is very good. The staff is all trained, and the Head Master is an old and experienced teacher. He takes great interest in his work, and is very enthusiastic about games. He is a strict disciplinarian, and the school enjoys a good reputation in the Division as a well-managed institution. Great stress is laid in our School on neat dress, orderly behaviour, and good manners. Corporal punishment is prohibited. but if any boy breaks any rule of discipline, or commits any mischief, he is made to confess his fault before the class, and to apologize, and this humiliation before his fellow-students has a great chastening effect on him. Habitual offenders are fined, or otherwise punished by the Head Master.

Games are compulsory for all students. Every student has to take part in some game or other, and for each class one period daily is provided for all students. Every class one period daily is provided for games in the time table. Besides regular Hockey and Football teams, we have the Boy Scouts’ Troops, also. Recently we had a very good exhibition of Scout craft.

The School is maintained by public subscription, and is managed by a Committee. It has a permanent fund, and as the income from fees covers a large part of the expenses. the Committee proposes to utilize the savings in extending the School building, and is also thinking of introducing some sort of technical education in the School. Our School has, of late years, done very well at the Board examinations, and the influence it has exerted in moulding the character of young men on right lines is very great, indeed.

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