Short Paragraph on My Favourite Magazine

By | August 10, 2015

Readers’ Digest is my favourite magazine. It is an American monthly magazine and is popular through out the whole world for its variety and standard. I have been reading this magazine for the last two years.

In this magazine everybody can find things to his taste. There is a great variety of subjects in it. One can get useful information about international politics and other affairs of the world. Very often life sketches and achievements of the world leaders are published in it. A perusal of these articles widens our out-look on international politics and enables us to understand about the great leaders of other nations.

There are many essays about history, historical towns and places, battles and wars fought among different nations at different times. Through these essays we can peep into the past and know about the civilization and culture of various societies.

There are articles by great scientists and geologists in this magazine. In these articles they tell us about their experiments and achievements which they have made in certain directions. They write about their personal experiences about different things. There are also the articles abouðgreat authors, artists and musicians who have tried to serve humanity in their own style. The biographies of such like great figures in the magazine lend a special charm and attraction to it. There are very interesting and appealing stories in this magazine.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Most of the stories are true to life and interpret our social and domestic life. Some stories are extremely pathetic that appeal to the hearts of the readers. The essays included in it are also worth reading. They are written hy great masters. They are replete with worldly wisdom and useful information. Most of the essays are condensed from great books.

There is a special page to test the vocabulary of the readers. This page is very useful because it adds to the vocabulary of its readers. Nearly twenty words are given in this page. This magazine provides us information about health., diseases and medicines. Any research made in the direction of diseases and new drugs is given priority for publication in this magazine.

There is a page fixed for tit bits in this magazine. There are a source of greater fun and amusement for the readers is. Above all it enhances my general knowledge and gives me a new insight into the things. Its language is very fine and modern. Its study improves my English. In short it is the best magazine of its own type and this is why it is my favourite magazine.

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