Short Paragraph on A Flight by Aeroplane

By | August 12, 2015


  • Where was the flight? What preparations?
  • What kind of plane was it?
  • These was no fear, no sense of giddiness, etc.
  • I have now decided to take up aviation.

For the past years, I have watched planes winging their way over our house at all hours of the day. Sometimes there have been great four-engined bomber planes in wartime, moving with the dignity of ocean liners, and sometimes small, two-seater planes, making plenty of noise. Always have I watched them in fascinated attraction and longed yet dreaded, to have a flight. Last Friday, the public was invited to inspect the aerodrome and flights were only five rupees a time. Father gave me the money, and I went up, full of excitement.

The plane, in which six passengers embarked along with myself, was an old American Dakota. The propeller was moving, but was hardly visible, as it stood on the asphalt at the commencement of the runway. We climbed aboard and were straped to our seats. The sound of the engines rose to a roar as moved off, and gradually increased our speed. The propeller was quite invisible now, and it was with a feeling of surprise that I noticed that the ground was some distance beneath me. I had not noticed the instant when we became air-borne.

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The plane banked steeply as the pilot took us round in a graceful curve. We were now at about four hundred feet, as nearly as I could estimate and still rising. Looking down, I could see the river winding its way like a streak of silver through the brown and green of the country. Houses looked like tiny cottages though I knew that they were quite large buildings. I could see the gardens and the roads running past them. The sensation was smooth and comforting: Suddenly there was a fall and a shock. With a sinking feeling in the stomach, I wondered whether we were falling. But I learned afterwards that it was what they call an “air pocket,” a tiny a rea of lowered pressure where the plane falls a few feet.

At about two thousand feet, we made a circuit of the city and I saw the huddled houses with green spaces in between. I was calm and triumphant, feeling as safe as when on the ground. We gradually came down and regained the firm land with hardly a jolt, and taxied to standstill on the runway. I have now decided to take up the career of a pilot.

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