Short Paragraph on Tourism in Pakistan

By | June 7, 2015

Man, by nature, is inquisitive. He wants to know and see more and more of life and the universe. Since the very beginning people have been travelling all over the world. Men like Columbus, Livingstone, Scott, Marcopolo, Ibne Batuta and Sa’adi are wellknown for their wander-thirst. Some went to the world in search of knowledge, some for pleasure, some for conquest. With the passage of time, travelling was transformed into Tourism. In the present age, Tourism has developed into an Industry because of the speedier and comfortable air travel, and tourist Bureau. Today it ranks among the most important industries of the world.

Pakistan has much to offer to the tourists in term of beauty and adventure. There are various opportunities for tourists of all tastes. We have beauty spots like Swat Valley, Kaghan. Kalam, Neelam, Agrore and Sunderbans. We have places of historical, cultural and archaeological interest like 5000 years old Mohenjodaro, Harappa, and Taxila. We have hill stations like Quetta, Ziarat. Murree, Nathiagali, Abbottabad. We have Khyber Pass with its high mountains, deep green valleys. We have Gilgit, a paradise for hikers. Dacca and Lahore are famous for their historical monuments. Cox’s Bazar is Asia’s longest beach and an attractive resort.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our country has, therefore, everything a tourist dreams of such as bracing climate, rich historical sites, vast treasure of old monuments, places of archaeological interest, and spots of unique beauty. Certain other services and facilities are needed, such as hotels, transport, recreation, entertainment, guidance, information and publicity. In 1960, the Govt. of Pakistan set up the Department of Tourism, with many branch-offices in the country. Six hundred additional rooms have been provided for tourists in Karachi. The Govt. have a plan to construct 2800 hotels in West Pakistan and 3580, in East Pakistan, solely for this purpose in the next Five-Year Plan.

Tourism and its development in the country has many advantages. First. Pakistan is a developing country. She needs Foreign Exchange for planning and development projects. Promotion of Tourism can help us greatly in this matter. In 1966, 77842 tourists visited our country and our country earned 11 lac rupees as foreign exchange. This number has increased much more now. Secondly, tourism will. expand the hotel industry in the country. The national income will increase; many people will get employment; airlines and steamship companies will have a flourishing business; local manufactures will be encouraged. So it will have favourable effects on our economy. Lastly, tourist are the non-official ambassadors of a country. They help to bring two countries together. The development of Tourism will mean the development of good relations with others.

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