Short Paragraph on the Joys of Living

By | June 13, 2015

It is a holy thing to discover life a happy thing and the world a place of joy. Much religion and philosophy have been so gloomy with their miserable fanaticism and persecutions and their grim theories of sin and atonement through asceticism, that happy is the man who can ignore them and snatch a joyful moment.

Life is full of joys for the right-minded, sensible, man. Misery there is in the world, no doubt but it is of man’s making, and given sensible and sincere effort; a large part of it can be removed.

In childhood one has innocent mirth. play, careless, unworried life, love of parents, a world in which doubt, suspicion, sin do not exist. One has fairy-tales to hear and beautiful dreams to dream. One has a taste that can gulp lumps of sugar and all manner of things ripe or unripe.

Youth is the period of health, of ambitions and love. There are joys of sincerity and unsuspecting trust. There is the joy of possessing physical strength and warmth in blood. There is love and the joy of courtship and flirtation. Ambitions, when one indulges in exalted hopes and works for them, keep one happy so long as one is at work.

Old age brings respect, wisdom and calm. One is looked up to for one’s experience by younger people. The love of children, the old, happy memories of one’s youth. Calm and soberness.

The world is full of beautiful sights, the sun, the moon, the stars, sunsets, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, deserts, flowers, green grass, beautiful animals, lovely women, innocent children. Every-thing is beautiful in it and lovable. It is almost a wonder how man has succeeded in making himself miserable in spite of so many pleasing things being there.

Troubles of life are of a transitory nature. The best happiness lies in honest work and in being useful. Idle or clever people are seldom happy. One should hear trouble and pain, for when they are over. no bitterness is left. Life is too precious to be wasted in fretting and fuming. We should be cheerful and help others to be cheerful too.

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