Short Paragraph on Smoking

By | June 23, 2015

When we take about smoking we usually mean smoking of tobacco. There are many people who are addicted to the smoking of opium and other intoxicating drugs. People use various kinds of apparatus for tobacco-smoking such as hookah, pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Tobacco was first brought from America to Europe. Early one day in 1492, Columbus’s shipmates saw the people of an island (now known as Cuba) smoking bundles of rolled leaves. They copied this habit and became smokers. Later on, Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco and smoking in Europe. Hookah smoking was known to the Eastern kings; the physicians used it as a cure for stomach-troubles. Now, smoking is one of the most popular habits. Even women have caught up this habit. Today a large number of smokers is present all over the world.

In every part of the world, the habit of smoking is found. Most eminent doctors of the world have expressed their opinion about its bad effects; yet the fashion continues. Smoking undoubtedly invigorates one’s nervous system after physical and mental exhaustion. But its after effects are really alarming. The smoke contains very small particles of Nicotine which is a deadly poison. By breathing the poisonous smoke, we injure our health… The smoke affects the wind pipe and the lungs. The throat and lung disease are, therefore, caused. It is the basic cause of lung cancer.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Smokers suffer from colds and cough. Smokers get bad and dirty teeth which cause other diseases. Tobacco causes bad breath and stinks in the mouth. Eye-sight and digestion are damaged. There is loss of vitality. Endurance power is reduced; memory becomes dead. Dead smokers get heart trouble. It is unquestionably a luxury; it is a waste of money. Tobacco is a killer which causes the loss of as many lives as road accidents.

Smoking is a so bad habit that once this habit is formed, it is very difficult to get rid of this enjoyable poison. However, there are some principles and methods which can help a smoker stop smoking which the Legacy Healing Center Charlotte has mastered. The smoker should take advantage of any break such as illness, fasting in the normal way of life. He should cut down the quantity of tobacco progressively. He should during this course stick to a healthy and reasonable life. He should cut down the quaintly of tobacco progressively. He should during this course stick to a healthy and reasonable life. He should take light meals and plenty of exercise, and avoid all contact with the groups of. smokers. He should very often change the brand of his tobacco. This change will diminish his pleasure of smoking and he will smokė less. He should eat fruit because it has been proved the apples, grape fruits, oranges and peas reduce the need to smoke. He should use his will power. One he makes up his mind, he can stop smoking easily.

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