Short Paragraph on Matches – 423 Words

By | June 24, 2015


  • How many people know how a match is made or of what?
  • How convenient compared with oldfashioned methods!
  • Now-a-days Pakistan factories make our own matches.
  • Safety matches are the best to use.

Children like to see a match being struck, We are so familiar with the sight when we grow older that we do not even ask how it is done. The fact is that even a wonderful thing becomes familiar with the repetition, and is hardly noticed.

Match strikes, when rubbed against the sand-paper of the box, because of friction. The friction produces geat, and this causes the substances in the match-head to catch fire and so ignite the wood of the stick. So we have to arrange a mixture which can be placed on the end of a piece of wood, which will burn readily when rubbed, but which will not catch fire until then. The modern match depends on phosphorus.

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Old-time peoples did not have matches. When they wanted fire, the used to rub two pieces of dry wood together,-again using the principle of friction, until the rubbing produced enough heat and so caused the wood to burn. It was sometimes a long operation. It is thought, also, that the Romans understood and used the burning glass, which concentrates the sun’s rays on one point. Phosphorus would have saved them a great deal of trouble. It is a useful “light-bearer,” and is used in all modern safety matches. Phosphorus catches fire readily, and other substances are put into the match-head which increase the supply of oxygen, once the phosphorus is alight and help to make the wood burn. That is why there is a slight explosion when a match is lit.

There is danger in having anything which burns too easily, and so it was a problem to find out a kind of match which could not be set alight by accidental rubbing against any object in the pocket. That was solved by the special box in which modern safety matches are kept.

“How is it done?” you ask. The safety match has been used for more than sixty years now. The special feature about it is that the phosphorus is into the head of the match, but in the sides of the box, Thus it will, as they advertise, “Only ignite upon the box.” The best wood for matches is fir and pine, but the cotton-wood tree, the bombax of the Pakistani jungle does very well, and is used in Pakistani factories.

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