Short Paragraph on Insect Life

By | June 3, 2015

Short Paragraph on Insect Life


  • Insects flourish best in the season of rain.
  • Moisture plus heat seems to be the best for them.
  • Ants, flies, mosquitoes, butterflies, etc.
  • The difference of varieties produced by Nature.Short Paragraph on Insect Life

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Insects seem to require moisture and heat, and the hot, dry months of summer do not favour their existence. The mosquito never really leaves us, but even he seems to dislike the intense heat of May in the plains. The damp and warm atmosphere of the monsoons is more to this taste.

Those diligent citizens, the ants, do not like the rains when their comfortable homes under the ground become flooded with water. They flourish best in the dry seasons. It is interesting to place a little sugar near one of their colonies and to observe in what a brief time the busy little workers will remove every grain. Well has the ant been chosen by writers as the symbol of the industry![the_ad id=”17141″]

More beautiful, though less hard-working, are the butterflies which are plenty through the months of winter and which please the eye with their radiant colours. In their season they flutter in the air like flying gems, every shade of blue and green, brown and gold. They do not plan for the future like the ants, but live for the pleasure of the moment. Their brief life will soon, end, so they make haste to enjoy as much of the sun as they can. They seem to have the same spirit as the poet who wrote, Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”

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During the rains, curious and interesting types of insects appear at their own special times. There is the beautiful, shining, green beetle, which leaves the ground littered with the wingcases which he has cast aside. In September, large, green grass-hoppers fill the field, and there are many beetles of deep black, color which sail through the air buzzing like tiny aeroplanes. A light in the houes of darkness will attract most insects, and the small hungry lizards known this well, for they lie in wait behind the light like a sportsman in his machan. One visitor in the rainy season is the flying-ant, as he is usually called. He has a long, worm-like body which he propels through the air with delicate wings like those of the dragon-fly. The “flying worm” would be a more simple and suitable name for him. The comes in his thousands round a light, and next day the ground will be found gittored with bodies of the victims. He does not know the proverb, “All is not gold that glitters.”

Many lessons of life can be taken to heart by a study of the insects, and they reveal almost as many different types of character as do men. they have a part to play in the economy of Nature, and well illustrate the all-wise works of the Creator.

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