Short Paragraph on Anarkali Bazar

By | June 7, 2015

The Anarkali Bazar is the most beautiful and busiest bazar in Lahore. It is about a mile long. There are shops and lofty buildings on both sides, and there is a wide road for traffic. In the middle runs a canal which is covered. All sorts of things are sold here. General merchants, cloth merchants, booksellers, stationers, grocers, chemists, and confectioners are all here to supply public needs. There is not that trade which one sees in a market like that of Lahore.

The shopkeepers in Anarkali are mostly retail merchants. Because there are so many educational institutions and courts in the vicinity, the traffic is immense throughout the day. Hotels and restaurants cater for the needs of the people who visit Lahore on business. The shops are generally neat and well-kept. It generally complains that the rates here are higher than in the city.

The shops are mostly patronized by the students and the Europeans and the rich people living in Gulberg. Model Town, Garden Town, and in posh localities. They do not care for ‘rates,’ but the man of average means finds it cheaper to buy things in the Walled City. The upper storeys are mostly occupied by lawyers. There are no great manufactures, and the bazaar is not especially noted for anything particular, unlike the Chandni Chowk where you have jewelers’ shops, stores of shawl and brocades, and gold, silver and metal works.

The Anarkali Bazar is a miscellany, a medley of shops of all kinds, and being outside the City, and the principal thoroughfare leading to Courts. Offices. Colleges and the Civil Secretariat, it is, very much frequented, and is the most populous quarter. The street is so much over-crowded that driving through it is not an easy thing. There is so much dust, dirt, smoke and cloud the pedestrians are often disagreeably jostled, but the attractiveness of the bazar is ample compensation for all this inconvenience.

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