Autobiography of an Aeroplane – Paragraph

By | June 15, 2015


  • Past history.
  • Maiden flight.
  • Several adventures.
  • Height record established.
  • Work during war.

I belong to an illustrious family which existed in the golden period as the Ramayana. It remained extinct for thousands of years. Till the beginning of this century, our existence in the ancient times. was the subject matter of legendary tales. But our extinct family has been brought to light in this century, thanks to the growth of science.

was born in 1954 in U.S.A. There was a big yard in which hundreds of us were kept. Our of these I contracted friendship with two of them. One day in the small hours of morning, I was taken to the aerodrome. The pilot examined me properly to know whether I was fit. On the button being pressed, my fan started working. With a pull on the brake, I leisurely began to move on my wheels. And lo, within a few minutes I was up in the air. This was my maiden flight. When I approached the sea, I went down to see my reflection in water. I found that my appearance was like a bird and I liked it. But for an untoward incident at the time of landing in England I had a smooth sailing.

I had occasional flights to England and it seemed that I was playing my part well. Other aeroplanes grew jealous to me; but I did not mind it. Once when I came to know that an airplane named ‘Comet’ was selected for a record flight to Australia, I become jealous of it.[the_ad id=”17141″]

However, within a few months I got a chance of breaking the height record when I reached 73,000 feet in the stratosphere. When I descended I was decorated with tricolored ribbons by the Air Marshal. After a fortnight’ my master took me out for a flight. In the beginning I worked well, but within an hour I began to lose my heart. The wireless apparatus went out of order and the speedometer began to better us. As ill-luck would have it, dense fog encircle me. To my great surprise my master lost control over me for a minute and I turned turtle. It then became difficult for him to known whether we – were going up or down. At one moment we were nearing destruction, but we had a narrow escape. After a day’s journey we reached the shores of America.

Short Paragraph on Courage (350 Words)

In may 1965 I had the good fortune to get one more success when Malison established with me the fastest flight record from England to Capetown within 3 days, 6 hours and 28 minutes. But I was grieved to learn that my record was broken by somebody else in the next year. Such is our short-lived glory. I was being surpassed day by day the new-comers. But in September 1965 I had a momentous flight to Indo-Pakistan subcontinent when Mr. Uthant help out an offer of peace to Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.

Thereafter I joined the P.I.A. and was till recently a weapon of war. Ten years ago when U.S.A. loose the bloodhounds of war. I along with others, visited poland, France and Norway. Once I met three Dorniers during the so-called Gerffian Blitzkrieg. But within a few minutes they were sent down to the sea. Only-three years ago I attacked Vietnam ruthlessly and destroyed its railway lines. My joy knew no bounds, when I saw a long line of fires in Vietnam.

I am still in active service. At time I feel the sign of exhaustion, but I do not want to retire before permanent péace is established.

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